Adare Craniosacral Therapy Clinic Fees 


Treatment One Therapist Double
60 Mins €100.00 €190.00
40 Mins €70.00 €130.00
25 Mins €50.00 €100.00



Adare Craniosacral Therapy

Mother and Baby treatments:  €130.00
Water Treatments:  €200.00
Equine Facilitated CST:  €100.00/€160.00

(Children with Special needs) in Ardpatrick.

Mini Intensive/multi-hands available on request


Your in-house therapist is:
Deirdre Kennedy MIACST


Why do we allot different appointment durations?
CST is a body led treatment. There is no "doing" to the body. Longer time may be required in cases of shock, trauma or severe pain. In particular, for babies where the birth has been difficult we recommend a 40 minute appointment to begin, which will be followed by duration based on individual evaluation.
The option 'Doubles', which is being treated by two therapists at the same time is more effective than two single treatments and an exclusive offering at Adare Craniosacral Therapy with two highly skilled and experienced therapists, each having their own area of expertise. The combination provides a powerful treatment option.
For additional information please call Deirdre on 087 293 21 20.

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We are now giving you the opportunity to pay before your visit. Please contact us to make an appointment first, on 087 293 2120

Alternative Treatments

* Doubles indicates 2 Therapists

Cancellation Policy:
Unlike other appointments, the agreed appointment date and time is specially allocated for you. This means that late cancellation or 'no show' leaves your therapist with an available slot which cannot be filled. For this reason we require 24 hours notice Monday to Friday. Any Monday appointment must be cancelled the previous Friday. If you cannot make your appointment €50.00 fee is payable.
Reminder texts of appointments are not sent in advance. Our policy stems from empowerment of you to engage in a mutual agreement contract of requiring a service and us offering a service. 
Online payment in advance is to your own advantage as there is more time available for you to have hands on during the appointment.